Il-Kuncert tal-Milied 2016

Chorus Urbanus Productions presented the 19th edition of the Annual Christmas Concert at St. George's Basilica, Victoria, on Sunday 18th December 2016. The concert is eagerly awaited by many Chorus Urbanus followers and this year's fare proved to be yet another crowd-puller as the concert featured a selection of carols written by the famous English composer John Rutter who at present is the household name for contemporary Christmas Carols.

Chorus Urbanus was accompanied by the  20-member Urbanus Chamber Orchestra, both under the musical directorship of Dr John Galea. The programme was presented by well-known TV personality Amanda Ciappara. The newly installed archpriest Msgr Joseph Curmi together with members of the Collegiate Chapter patronised this year's concert.

What exactly represents the Christmas mood and Yuletide spirit? For the audience that packed the Basilica Il-Kuncert tal-Milied is an annual event that brings on and encapsulates the mood of the season. This year there were significant changes to the Christmas carol repertoire that gave this well-patronised concert that extra sparkle! Conductor John Galea, immediately established a rapport with the audience and launched the opening number 'Gloria de Noel' and 'A Medley of Carols 2016' with smart arrangements of well-known tunes that brought so much joy to the audience. However the highlight of the concert was the prime-carolling fair - the performance of a substantial number of carols written by the Christmas composer par excellence Sir John Rutter.

 The choir, some 35-strong, warmed the Basilica and the audience with its accomplished and vigorous musicality in the performed programme, relishing every moment of the performance. In place of the vocal purity of boy treble voices customary for the English cathedral choirs, for whom most of this repertoire is written, there were the fuller harmonics of female sopranos and altos. These make for a more coherent choral sound and a broader range of dynamics and tonal qualities, qualities that were in evidence in this performance.

Photo memories of the concert were shot by our official photographer Mr Joe Attard.